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Built in 1901 at Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza

Two vineyards above 720 asl, one of 7 hectares and other of 43 hectares

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Those who taste our wines enjoys the legacy, the friendship and the challenge; with the same emotion and passion as we do in making them.



Attilio is one of the most recognized and respected Italian winemakers in the world.

He studied at the Agricultural Technical Institute of Siena, Italy, when oenology was still considered a technical career. He had the fortune to work under a Tuscany oenology legend: Giuli Gambelli, whom he considers his mentor.

Attilio first came to Mendoza with the purpose of creating a Sangiovese similar to those that made him famous in Italy, but he soon learned that Mendoza did not want to be Tuscany. Instead, he fell in love with the old Malbec vineyards.
Despite his six wines with 100 points in his personal record, he thinks that the personality of the Terroir is what inspires his dedication to oenology.

“I have the conviction that the winemaker has to help the producer to make his wine and not make wine from the winemaker”.


In 2012 he won the Great Gold Medal with Ca´de Vino. He was one of the winemakers consulted in the multi award winning American documentary “Boom Varietal: The Rise of Argentine Malbec”.

He has been the winemaker of prestigious wineries and boutique projects such as: Piatelli, Dolium, Elvira Calle among others.

He is currently the chief winemaker for Martino Wines project.