Finca La Violeta

8 hectares located at Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo. One of the best wines areas in Argentina for the development of Premium wines.
The soils of Finca La Violeta are located at 980 meters above sea level, ideal high for the meltwater water the soil providing minerals and nutrients that enrich the vines.

This vineyard is conducted by lower trellis and it is flood irrigated with water coming from the Mendoza River.

The soils of Fincas La Violeta are clay loam.

Since 1926 this vineyard produces exclusively Malbec grapes, having generated some of the best wines of the area, worldwide recognized.

Soil Type: Clay loam
Vineyard altitude: 980 meters above sea level
Vineyard age: Since 1926
Irrigation: Flood irrigation

Finca Altos de Barrancas

43 hectares, from which 38 are planted with different types of grapes. Located at Barrancas, Maipú.

The soils of Altos de Barrancas are located at 720 meters above sea level. This area is characterized by the presence of surface stones, due to its proximity to the Mendoza River.

This vineyard produces: Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec.

Since 2016 this vineyard has a drip irrigation system, in order to obtain a higher yield.

Soil Type: Deap stony with sandy loam texture.
Vineyard altitude: 720 meters above sea level
Vineyard age: Since 1996
Irrigation: Drip irrigation