The old winery

The Winery is located in Luján de Cuyo, within the northern oasis of the province of Mendoza, watered by the Mendoza River. The “First Zone” or High Zone of the Mendoza River is the oldest wine developed area of the province and it is known worldwide as the Land of Malbec. It was built in one of the oldest streets that connect Lujan and Maipú: Terrada. It still is a dust road that keeps a slow circulation and an agricultural environment with the usual landscape of the viticulture of the last century.

This compact building set, constructed in 1901 keeps the particularity of organizing the different elements: winery, laboratory, house, vintage gallery, maneuver and circulation transport court that optimizes technical and logistic resources. The original warehouse of the winery belongs to the so-called “temple” wineries, with a gable roof and openings with a semicircular arch to which a “chorizo” type house was added with a gallery towards the south that controls access and exit of trucks with an old weighing machine.

Restoration and enhancement

The enhancement of 2012-2013 incorporated technology, which conforms to internal logistics and rescues the elements rooted in time and space as tools of environmental and cultural sustainability. Martino Wines reinforces the old successes maintaining its identity and harmonically adds the infrastructure for the care that 21st Century wines demand.


Built in 1901


1.500.000 litres


Mayor Drummond, Mendoza